Supplements and Vitamins for Recovering Alcoholics

L-theanine supplements can help reduce alcohol cravings by calming the nervous system and regulating mood. Magnesium is crucial for nerve and muscle function, as well as for maintaining a healthy immune system. Zinc, on the other hand, is important for immune function, wound healing, and maintaining a healthy metabolism. To ensure proper nutrition, you can consider including magnesium and zinc supplements in your daily regimen. Of course, these are only 12 helpful options—there are many vitamins and supplements for alcoholics you can take to aid your system in recovery. We recommend speaking with your doctor about how heavy drinking has impacted your body, and which supplements will be the most safe and useful for you as an individual.

best vitamins for recovering alcoholics

Vitamins Needed for Recovery From Long-Term Alcohol Abuse

best vitamins for recovering alcoholics

As a dietitian, I like to promote “food first.” However, when our bodies are low on essential nutrients, the best way to replete those nutrients is with supplementation. Vitamins are crucial in recovery as they help with overall health. However, vitamins do not play a role in helping a person stay sober. Drinking alcohol can inhibit fat absorption, this affects the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Alcohol intake can also affect vital organs which can lead to imbalances in the body. Additionally, alcohol use can lead to cognitive impairment, mental health issues like depression, and ultimately, dependence.

The table below provides an overview of key safety measures to consider when using vitamin B supplementation:

In addition to vitamin supplementation, incorporating mineral and antioxidant supplements can play a vital role in supporting recovery and overall health in individuals struggling with alcoholism. These supplements can provide essential nutrients, promote cognitive function, reduce cravings, and offer antioxidant support to counteract the damaging effects of alcohol. When you’re in recovery from alcohol addiction, nutrition can play a major role in helping your system bounce back.

Supplements for Alcohol Cravings

And even if you don’t struggle with addiction, these nutrients are still great for optimal brain function and mental health. To prevent anemia and related issues, it is essential to ensure an adequate intake of folic best vitamins for recovering alcoholics acid and other B-complex vitamins. These vitamins play a critical role in red blood cell production and overall hematological health. Foods rich in folic acid include leafy greens, beans, and fortified grains.

  • These vitamins also increase energy levels and stabilize mood, which can help reduce alcohol cravings.
  • Zinc is a mineral vital to immune function, mood regulation, and brain health.
  • When my brain wasn’t working and I struggled with mental illness, it simply made sense to find immediate relief.
  • Since many alcoholics are in denial about their problem, doctors may ask the patient’s permission to speak with family and friends as well.
  • Chronically low levels can also increase your chances of having high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis.
  • One of the best ways to boost your vitamin D naturally is to spend time in the sun but be sure to use sunscreen to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

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9 Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Plus Side Effects).

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In alcoholics, consistent alcohol consumption can impair protein synthesis, negatively affecting the body’s ability to regenerate and repair damaged cells. Therefore, it is essential for individuals in recovery to consume adequate amounts of protein through foods such as lean meats, poultry, fish, legumes, and dairy products. Supplementing your diet with essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium is a vital aspect of recovery from alcohol use disorder.

  • They are found primarily in fish and are necessary for the normal functioning of your brain and nervous system (18).
  • If you’re looking for the most necessary vitamins to include moving forward, this article is for you.
  • Try setting a reminder on your phone or asking that it be implemented into your daily medication routine at your facility.
  • If someone regularly drinks more than the recommended amounts of alcohol — one drink daily for women and no more than two drinks daily for men — they may experience negative health consequences.
  • If your body is deficient in this amino acid, it’s common to experience fatigue, confusion, memory problems, a decrease in alertness, and to have a reduced appetite.
  • A potent multivitamin like Legion Triumph is often a good idea, and results are generally even better when combined with amino acids found in supplements like BR Restore.

best vitamins for recovering alcoholics

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